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  • About me

    I am Kevin Gifford.

    My first real job was in 2002, working for GamePro‘s website, which morphed into me becoming a full-fledged editor on the print mag at the last moment when such a thing was still really glamorous. I jumped to Ziff Davis Media in mid-’03, becoming one of the founding editors of and also contributing to Electronic Gaming Monthly, GMR, Xbox Nation, and other magazines. I have very little memory of this era, except that I apparently called Whiplash “addictive” and “funny”. (I still write for 1UP now and then, despite this.)

    In 2005 I moved to Houston to take up editor duties for Newtype USA. That stint lasted three years and helped me foster a morbid dread of anime that still festers to this day, but was nonetheless an extremely valuable experience. (I still read manga daily, however, particularly Tezuka and other ‘classical’ authors.) NTUSA eventually became PiQ, a nerd-lifestyle mag I invented two or three imaginary editors for, but the title was paradoxically both “ahead of its time” and too late for its time and the publisher fired everyone after four issues.

    Nowadays I freelance translate between English and Japanese — often for the game industry, something I’ve done long enough to earn me an (incomplete) MobyGames page. I also write a column on GameSetWatch about magazines, mainly for fun. used to house a project of mine where I attempted to chronicle every video-game and old computer magazine in my (~7500-volume) collection. After a while, I realized that completing the project to my tastes would take years and be of interest to nobody besides me anyway, so I put it to sleep and launched this game/Japan/retro/nerd-culture weblog instead. Thanks for reading it.

    If you want to chat and/or need something written or translated in a professional sorta fashion, don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks again.