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  • FUN Ep. 6 — The Secret

    Posted on June 3rd, 2013 keving 14 comments

    “640K ought to be enough [fun] for anyone” — Bill Gates


    FUN - Episode 6 - The Secret

    Click above to listen/download!  (Or consult the RSS feed or iTunes page)

    And so it’s come to this! It’s the final episode of FUN with Kevin Gifford and His Pretend Pals, an exciting podcast devoted to old game/computer music and to me talking crap a lot. Download and enjoy the secret to having as much fun with your life as possible — a dwindling resource, and one that can be secured only through concerted effort. What’s the secret? You’ll have to listen to find out! (Hint: It involves the SID chip, mostly.)

    It’s been tremendous fun doing a podcast for the past six weeks and I hope you’ve enjoyed listening to the episodes. Now, presuming I get any free time before E3, back to the usual game-industry harping…