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  • FUN Episode 2 playlist

    Posted on May 6th, 2013 keving 1 comment



    Now that Episode 2 of FUN is out, it’s time to fully examine the playlist. Read on for names, titles, details, and endless rambling.

    Crocket’s [sic] Theme — Mad (Scoop Designs)
    – Title music — David Beckham Soccer (Rage Software, GBA) — ?

    Rage Software paid £1.5 million per year to license Becks’s likeness back in the day. This, among other financial extravagances and the general failure in selling games they exhibited after the turn of the millennium, led to their liquidation in 2003. Thus they became just another rung in the great, towering ladder of publisher bankruptcies that defined much of that decade of the UK games business.

    There are around 20 to 25 covers of “Crockett’s Theme,” one of Jan Hammer’s signature synth tunes for Miami Vice, available for the Commodore 64. Quite a lot of them were composed while the show was still on first-run TV. Until now I had no idea the show’s official run went on until May of 1989; I thought it was a lot shorter-lived for some reason. This means that Miami Vice and Cops were premiering new episodes at the same time for a few months — and the first season of Cops was shot entirely in and around Fort Lauderdale, FL, so even their subject matter overlapped a bit at times. That’s what I call “Must See TV” (especially after a night at the bar).

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  • Podcast: FUN Episode 2 — David Beckham

    Posted on May 5th, 2013 keving 3 comments


    FUN - Episode 2 - David Beckham

    Click above to listen/download!  (Or consult the RSS feed or iTunes page)

    Here is episode 2 of FUN with Kevin Gifford and His Pretend Pals, a limited-time podcast run by me. I play lots of old game/demo/computer-generated music running the entire history of the genre. Throughout the show, I also cut in (about once every 15 minutes) with commentary about the game industry, favorite artists, and exactly what I think about E3 and where I’d like to see it shuffle off to.

    Features this time around include:

    • An intro
    • Some great singing
    • An extended look at the music behind the greatest sports game ever made
    • Music generated by SIDs, AY-9-3-8912s, Yamaha YM2151s, Amigas, and much more
    • An exclusive reveal of the location of McDonald’s Treasure Land (it’s closer than you think)
    • The wistful farewell song
    • And more

    This is a free podcast and by all means let everyone know about it, because FUN is best when it’s shared, right?

    A full annotated tracklist will be released tomorrow!

  • McDonald’s Japan menu, circa 1984

    Posted on May 1st, 2013 keving 4 comments



    I love McDonald’s nostalgia almost as much as I love Cooper Black.

    800 yen for a Big Mac with small fries/drink is pretty dang expensive. The yen was a lot cheaper back then — around 230 yen to the dollar — but according to the Internet and people I’ve talked to, the prices were still high enough that most people thought of going there as a special occasion, not like now where it’s a stop on the way to work for a pretty hefty number of train/foot commuters.

    The current Big Mac set goes for 650 yen in Japan, which (with a buck being about 100 yen now) makes it just a bit more expensive over there than here. I think. It’s surprisingly difficult to find information on McDonald’s prices by US region online, and my car’s low on gas and I don’t feel like going out and checking my local one just for the sake of this nostalgia post. Apologies.