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  • Rising sea levels forcing jungle animals to adapt?

    Posted on May 24th, 2013 keving 3 comments

    Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D is out! Let’s celebrate by watching a new TAS of the v1.0 Japanese version that goes through every stage (but doesn’t 100% it).

    Unfortunately, the thumbnail kind of gives away the best part of the video (skip to around 16:00 to see it in action, along with the setup that makes the bug possible — basically the code gets confused about whether you’re entering a new stage or restarting one after losing a life). You also get a lot of Diddy Kong tumbling forward in a straight horizontal line while the game’s ambient soundtrack plays on in the background, an oddly soothing audiovisual experience.

    Part two is after the cut.

    Expect FUN episode 5 on Sunday. Happy Memorial Day!


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    • I thought you’d get the hint that I had aadlery bought the game. I made the ISO, it took 2 days to make. I bought the game on release date might I add. And I have to wii’s, they both broke. So yes, I did buy a new wii. I have to trick it to load via USB Loader because Nintendo made a crappy disk drive. I love Nintendo. Only games I play are from Nintendo. But I’m not buying another wii because of poor system design. So it’s not my fault. Just for the record, I own all the games I play. Good day.

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