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  • FUN Ep. 4 playlist

    Posted on May 20th, 2013 keving 6 comments



    I went all-out with FM this week and I regret not a single second of it!

    Part 1
    – Main — World Cup Soccer (Midway, pinball) — Vince Pontarelli
    – Ice castle, Netaro Village — Momotaro Katsugeki (Hudson, PCE) — Michiko Yoshida
    – Silent Language (Course C) — Power Drift (Sega, arcade) — Hiroyuki Kawaguchi
    – Ending — Lethal Enforcers 2: Gun Fighters (Konami, arcade) — Tsuyoshi Sekito
    – Field — Cosmic Fantasy (Telenet, PCE CD) — Hisao Inoue etc.
    – Winters White — EarthBound (Nintendo, SNES) — Keiichi Suzuki/Hiroyuki Tanaka
    – Block Town — Pac-Mania (Namco, arcade) — Yuriko Keino/Junko Ozawa

    Looking back, I’m surprised to find that I would’ve had a full segment with nothing but Japan-made music if it weren’t for that darn piece of classic early-’90s sports interstitial music leading things up. I’d like to think John Test, composer of “Roundball Rock” (aka. the NBA on NBC music, surely the best in its genre), would be impressed by Vince’s effort.

    Perhaps in response to the warm weather of last week, I’ve unconsciously played two different very good “ice/snow world” pieces. “Winters White” routinely gets mentioned in discussions of best “snow” tune ever, or at least they would be if people actually held these conversations besides myself. I played through EarthBound when it was a new release in 1995 and not once since; I should get back to it sometime but I’m too busy with Sorcerian at the moment.

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