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  • Podcast: FUN Episode 3 — Look what I can do

    Posted on May 12th, 2013 keving 2 comments

    “Across the nation around the world, everybody have fun tonight; a celebration, so spread the word” — Wang Chung


    FUN - Episode 3 - Look what I can do

    Click above to listen/download!  (Or consult the RSS feed or iTunes page)

    Here is episode 3 of FUN with Kevin Gifford and His Pretend Pals, a limited-time podcast run by me. I play lots of old game/demo/computer-generated music running the entire history of the genre. Throughout the show, I also cut in (about once every 15 minutes) with commentary about the game industry, favorite artists, and the plight of the hourly worker in Central Oregon.

    Features this time around include:

    • An intro
    • Some more singing
    • A look at the best FM music ever composed by Yuzo Koshiro
    • Me discussing the time I went out to the deserts surrounding Reno and shot up a photocopier
    • Me creating the world’s first audio Commodore 64 crack intro
    • The wistful farewell song
    • And more

    This is a free podcast and by all means let everyone know about it, because FUN is best when it’s shared, right?

    A full annotated tracklist will be released tomorrow!