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  • Me, then: “This game’s already over? I want more!”

    Posted on May 7th, 2013 keving 77 comments


    A thread from the “online game viewing party” forum on Japan’s

    1 :2013/05/01 19:00:46.85 ID:u1Nj6wW+
    Me, now: “This game isn’t over yet? God this is so long”

    5 :2013/05/01 19:10:46.03 ID:dEaw0fld
    Then: “I wanna get home and pick up where I left off!”
    Now: “It’s too much of a pain to start this up…”

    3 :2013/05/01 19:07:44.01 ID:fFcgu7yI
    I still feel like it’s not enough it it takes less than 50 hours to get through the main game if it’s offline. Usually it feels like I finish games in 20-30 hours.

    6 :2013/05/01 19:16:05.63 ID:QtM0g32Q
    For offline games, I buy them and finish them in 1-2 days.
    Afterwards I read the game’s official thread to check out other people’s impressions and sell it the next weekend.
    If I wait around for DLC, then the selling price goes down and/or I lose interest anyway, so I don’t bother keeping most games

    7 :2013/05/01 19:33:23.03 ID:Nvaymm2b
    I can’t get enthused about playing a game unless I have a cute girl as a companion

    8 :2013/05/01 19:35:55.56 ID:gGBX3W13
    There are a lot of gross otaku like you now, aren’t there?

    33 :2013/05/01 20:53:50.79 ID:gMwfxyF3
    I hear you!
    When I was a kid I laughed at that, like “No way there’d be a girl with eyes that big”, but now…

    11 :2013/05/01 19:47:50.29 ID:swSLUq74
    Then “Hey, how do I get through that section? …Oh, really? Cool, thanks!”

    Now “Sigh… Google, Google…”

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