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  • Podcast: FUN Episode 2 — David Beckham

    Posted on May 5th, 2013 keving 3 comments


    FUN - Episode 2 - David Beckham

    Click above to listen/download!  (Or consult the RSS feed or iTunes page)

    Here is episode 2 of FUN with Kevin Gifford and His Pretend Pals, a limited-time podcast run by me. I play lots of old game/demo/computer-generated music running the entire history of the genre. Throughout the show, I also cut in (about once every 15 minutes) with commentary about the game industry, favorite artists, and exactly what I think about E3 and where I’d like to see it shuffle off to.

    Features this time around include:

    • An intro
    • Some great singing
    • An extended look at the music behind the greatest sports game ever made
    • Music generated by SIDs, AY-9-3-8912s, Yamaha YM2151s, Amigas, and much more
    • An exclusive reveal of the location of McDonald’s Treasure Land (it’s closer than you think)
    • The wistful farewell song
    • And more

    This is a free podcast and by all means let everyone know about it, because FUN is best when it’s shared, right?

    A full annotated tracklist will be released tomorrow!


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    • I can sympathize with your disdain for Earthbound fans. I don’t get what is it about that game that has inspired such a downright pretentious fanbase. It was a by-the-numbers SNES RPG with an admiteddly unusual setting and characters.

    • Kevin, I love FUN. I’ll be downloading and listening to all the future ones you make.

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