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  • McDonald’s Japan menu, circa 1984

    Posted on May 1st, 2013 keving 4 comments



    I love McDonald’s nostalgia almost as much as I love Cooper Black.

    800 yen for a Big Mac with small fries/drink is pretty dang expensive. The yen was a lot cheaper back then — around 230 yen to the dollar — but according to the Internet and people I’ve talked to, the prices were still high enough that most people thought of going there as a special occasion, not like now where it’s a stop on the way to work for a pretty hefty number of train/foot commuters.

    The current Big Mac set goes for 650 yen in Japan, which (with a buck being about 100 yen now) makes it just a bit more expensive over there than here. I think. It’s surprisingly difficult to find information on McDonald’s prices by US region online, and my car’s low on gas and I don’t feel like going out and checking my local one just for the sake of this nostalgia post. Apologies.