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  • “Once you get old, it gets harder to play games, doesn’t it?”

    Posted on April 9th, 2013 keving 4 comments


    A thread from the “News Flash (VIP)” section of Japanese forum — which, despite the name, is mostly full of random crap, kind of like /r/gaming on Reddit now that I think about it:

    1 [] Date: 2013/04/04 06:52:41.56 ID:ckKKVh7q0
    You want to play games, but you don’t make it to the point where you do it

    2 [] Date: 2013/04/04 06:53:07.84 ID:vKDZjYhU0
    I kind of understand

    3 [] Date: 2013/04/04 06:53:34.88 ID:7HUgc7nD0
    Just buying them is enough for me.

    4 [] Date: 2013/04/04 06:54:02.90 ID:mA4sJ/h50
    My hobby is collecting games

    5 [] Date: 2013/04/04 06:54:11.02 ID:ckKKVh7q0
    Even if I buy or rent them, it feels like such a hassle to turn on the console

    6 [] Date: 2013/04/04 06:54:27.81 ID:SbCyT/2l0
    In the past I’d have the game system on right after waking up and start right then, but lately it takes time to get to the point of “Okay, let’s do this”.

    7 [] Date: 2013/04/04 06:54:57.50 ID:ZmanyUPt0
    I don’t want to abuse my eyes any more than I already am staring at a screen all day at work anyway

    11 [] Date: 2013/04/04 06:56:17.07 ID:gkm2BpjW0
    I just don’t have any time

    12 [sage] Date: 2013/04/04 06:56:24.88 ID:TyC1pHYz0
    I can’t finish any games, even if I don’t have any complaints about them.

    13 [] Date: 2013/04/04 06:56:29.81 ID:CZykGpql0
    To be honest, when I think about how I’m always sitting in the palm of the game developer no matter how hard I work on the game, I just can’t enjoy it. Doing good on a video game does nearly nothing of importance for me, so it’s better to work our my body or watch some anime and at least learn something.

    17 [] Date: 2013/04/04 06:58:24.50 ID:8AOjsOWK0
    Somehow it’s now taking a hell of a lot more time than it used to to finish games.

    19 [] Date: 2013/04/04 06:59:22.06 ID:SbCyT/2l0
    Once you’re fending for yourself in society, scheduling becomes really important. You have to always picture in your mind that you’re going to do this, and this, and this, and then sleep once you get home from work, or else you’ll wind up just wasting the day.

    23 [] Date: 2013/04/04 07:01:42.45 ID:2O1F+z/zO
    Anime and games just makes me feel empty
    If I don’t do that stuff, then I just wind up on 2ch instead
    It drives me nuts

    26 [] Date: 2013/04/04 07:03:44.66 ID:9/Fyz/Uc0
    I play pretty much everything on easy difficulty now. I never have any time, so I just want to breeze through things when I do.

    27 [] Date: 2013/04/04 07:03:53.31 ID:8AOjsOWK0
    I used to hope that I’d never grow up and get sick of games. Now, it’s not that I hate them, but now I feel like it’d accomplish a lot more if I did other things instead. Maybe I’ll be that way with anime too sooner or later.

    32 [sage] Date: 2013/04/04 07:06:30.06 ID:fMpAyv3zP
    And yet, if I break out an older game and start playing it, it’s like I forget about time

    34 [] Date: 2013/04/04 07:09:34.16 ID:aoVK9VEi0
    Lately I’m counting sleep as my hobby

    35 [] Date: 2013/04/04 07:10:15.11 ID:71ne2s230
    I’m sure you guys don’t mind devoting the time to 2ch, though

    39 [] Date: 2013/04/04 07:11:52.86 ID:ckKKVh7q0
    The time I used to spend on gaming goes to 2ch now. Way back when, I could enjoy games without thinking about anything else; now I’m just another 2ch troll…

    46 [] Date: 2013/04/04 07:14:16.82 ID:/aOQ/MQe0
    I’m that way with models, too. I open the box and that’s it. I don’t even bother reading the manual anymore

    53 [] Date: 2013/04/04 07:17:40.93 ID:ZZdLSTdq0
    It’s good enough for me just looking at review blogs from people really good at putting them together.

    56 [] Date: 2013/04/04 07:18:58.38 ID:4Us5Iobe0
    I used to be able to spend hours at a time playing games, but now I can’t keep up longer for an hour or so. It’s like I get tired or something

    62 [] Date: 2013/04/04 07:23:19.77 ID:SbCyT/2l0
    You always have the face that you have work the next day in the corner of your mind. That’s why you can’t focus on games like you could as a kid.

    83 [sage] Date: 2013/04/04 08:49:52.70 ID:i27ZRglG0
    With things like RPGs, I ca never remember what I did last time and what I’m supposed to do next.

    90 [] Date: 2013/04/04 09:33:39.76 ID:JptpFvCu0
    Even at the age of 38, I still went through Persona 4 Golden like three times. I even have a job, too.

    106 [] Date: 2013/04/04 10:24:31.57 ID:AxOq2q230
    When I was in grade school I used to play DQ and FF and stuff for days, but nowadays 1-2 hours a day is my limit. I play games, but I can’t do it for extended periods of time, so things like online co-op play that I can’t get out of anytime I like are rough.

    109 [] Date: 2013/04/04 10:30:11.58 ID:p5Hjjpu20
    Despite all that, I can’t help but bitch along the lines of “Games these days…” We don’t play them, but we whine about them all day; that’s all we really are.



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