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  • “Once you get old, it gets harder to play games, doesn’t it?”

    Posted on April 9th, 2013 keving 4 comments


    A thread from the “News Flash (VIP)” section of Japanese forum — which, despite the name, is mostly full of random crap, kind of like /r/gaming on Reddit now that I think about it:

    1 [] Date: 2013/04/04 06:52:41.56 ID:ckKKVh7q0
    You want to play games, but you don’t make it to the point where you do it

    2 [] Date: 2013/04/04 06:53:07.84 ID:vKDZjYhU0
    I kind of understand

    3 [] Date: 2013/04/04 06:53:34.88 ID:7HUgc7nD0
    Just buying them is enough for me.

    4 [] Date: 2013/04/04 06:54:02.90 ID:mA4sJ/h50
    My hobby is collecting games

    5 [] Date: 2013/04/04 06:54:11.02 ID:ckKKVh7q0
    Even if I buy or rent them, it feels like such a hassle to turn on the console

    6 [] Date: 2013/04/04 06:54:27.81 ID:SbCyT/2l0
    In the past I’d have the game system on right after waking up and start right then, but lately it takes time to get to the point of “Okay, let’s do this”.

    7 [] Date: 2013/04/04 06:54:57.50 ID:ZmanyUPt0
    I don’t want to abuse my eyes any more than I already am staring at a screen all day at work anyway

    11 [] Date: 2013/04/04 06:56:17.07 ID:gkm2BpjW0
    I just don’t have any time

    12 [sage] Date: 2013/04/04 06:56:24.88 ID:TyC1pHYz0
    I can’t finish any games, even if I don’t have any complaints about them.

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