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  • Thunder Blade

    Posted on May 30th, 2011 keving 5 comments

    I think the month of June is gonna be tough on updates in general. Forgive me. I mean, I’m not even technically finished with May yet, and the only thing that keeps me going is the intense amount of scaling and rotation this video delivers for me.


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    • ArnoldRimmer83

      Its a shame Thunderblade gets such a bad rep, since most people only seem to know it from the Master System and Genesis ports. The arcade version needs more exposure.

      The scaling effects are still pretty impressive even today.

    • I wonder if Treasure ever considered also copying the behind-the-shoulder segments for the Thunder Blade homage in Gunstar Super Heroes. I’m sure they could have done something with whatever they setup for the After Burner homage/spaceship approach sequences. Of course, that would probably have made people even more frustrated with the level.

      they didn’t even get to keep the Super Thunder Blade music for the sequence:

    • I wish Sega had recycled this game, but with a surreal “Space Harrier” theme and setting. Thunder Blade is pretty sterile, whereas “Thunder Harrier” would have been oozing with atmosphere and feature captivating character designs.

      Thunder Blade + Space Harrier = Air Wolf + Neverending Story

    • Speaking of Thunder Blade, now I am inspired to rewatch that movie—Blue Thunder—starring Roy Scheider.

    • Thunder Blade-- no, Thunder FUNK

      Deal with it.

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