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  • Posted on May 18th, 2011 keving 8 comments

    A video that made me laugh mightily (you’ll see why in the second half), but which I haven’t had a chance to bring up since I wrote a piece on Russian game magazines over on GameSetWatch a year ago.

    Back when I ran my NES page (which I now see somebody’s put a Google ad bar up on — where’s my share of that sweet cash, man?!), I used to wonder what on earth these ridiculous pirate hacks were made for. I’m starting to realize that, while X-in-1s and Street Fighter II wannabes were spread all across Southeast Asia and the Middle East, the prime market in terms of gamer population was really the post-USSR region, even if doing business up there was the pain in the ass it undoubtedly was.

    Watching this TV clip (the same YouTube user has uploaded a bunch more), I can only imagine the real difficulties Russian kids had back then, trying to figure out which Mario games were “good” and which were copies of something else they’d already purchased.