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  • Posted on May 12th, 2011 keving 6 comments

    Still working, but here’s another long video that you’ll want to watch for purely non-ironic reasons. It’s the laserdisc version of Capcom Game Syndrome, a 1989 release that’s basically a video walkthrough of Ghouls ‘n Ghosts, Strider and Forgotten Worlds.

    This is actually the first time I’ve seen the arcade version of Strider all the way through to the end. I played the Genesis port extensively and it’s kind of fun to play spot-the-difference between the two titles. I have to say that outside of the pauses in between scenes, Sega did a pretty tremendous job fitting this game into 8 megabits. I do miss the multilingual voiced cutscenes, though.


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    • do you know if there’s a reason he spends so much time killing dudes in the first screen of each stage? (of strider)

    • Was there that much of it in Strider? There was a lot of it in Ghouls, but that’s because power-ups in Ghouls pretty much never go away, so you can go very far back to collect them if you like.

      Otherwise, I’d say it’s just out of habit to collect points and/or to kill time, at an age when you were paying real money for every credit.

    • Man, the Strider guy sure loses a lot of lives! The video even edited out a couple of deaths — he actually dies twice at the boulder part in the Amazon level, and there’s another cut at the machine gunner in the last stage.

      The audio’s been edited, too. The music is louder (and slower?) than it should be and it fades into new tracks instead of abruptly cutting. I like the way it makes it sound, though.

    • All three of these games were ported to the Sega Genesis, and every single one was faithful to their arcade versions.

      hahaha @ good old Forgotten Worlds though. One of the shops in the last stage carries an item called the dress for $99999 which is bought in that video. The in-shop comment tells you the dress does something special when you beat the game, but all it does is give you a ton of bonus points.

      When I was a kid playing this game with a friend, he concluded and insisted this mysterious comment meant buying the dress made the shopkeeper naked during the ending sequence. Which became ‘beat game w/o dying’ when that didn’t work. Which later became ‘in the japanese version’ when that didn’t work.

      This rumor is still circulated by a bunch of pervs on the internet. The current revision is “certain Japanese arcade board revisions” which nobody can confirm or identify and its still hilarious 10+ years later.

    • I don’t have much experience with Strider and Ghouls ‘n Ghosts on the Genesis, but I wouldn’t call the Genesis version of Forgotten Worlds arcade perfect. It had a few stages and bosses missing and the Player 2 character has the same weapon as Player 1 (in the arcade version he uses a short-range wide shot instead of the long-range single shot).

    • The Annie Of It All

      That’s not very exceptional gaming there…at least the first 5 minutes or so I saw. I’m terrible at video games but even I can get through the first stage without getting hit.

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