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  • Po po po ponnn!!

    Posted on March 16th, 2011 keving 3 comments

    Play the above video and this one around ten times in a row, and you’ve got a pretty reasonable simulation of what watching TV on non-NHK networks in Japan is like right now.

    The private TV networks in the Kanto area have all shifted back to non-emergency programming at this point — in other words, they are airing advertisements again instead of providing wall-to-wall crisis coverage and updates. However, many Japanese outfits are hesitant to air pre-quake advertising for assorted reasons, and they haven’t had the time to film new ones that talk about their charity work and contributions to the recovery effort. Therefore, a lot of ad time is being filled up by public service announcements from AC Japan, the local version of the Ad Council.

    This means that if you’re a bad enough dude to watch TBS or NTV or TV Tokyo at the moment, you are seeing the above spot (devoted to the importance of using proper greetings and making friends) and the other linked one (encouraging women to get screened for breast and ovarian cancer) about fifty squillion times.

    This is starting to highly annoy people who don’t have anything else to worry about at the moment. “My one-year-old son has started to sing ‘A-C!’ [the jingle at the end] around the house,” says one tweet that just passed by.

    AC Japan has gotten enough complaints about this that they posted an apology for it on their website, although it’s really not their fault. Blame, you know, McDonald’s and Aflac and so on for not having suitably stoic and reserved ads on call for times like these.


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    • >magweasel updating
      oh god

    • What’s there to complain about? One thing the video doesn’t show is that these AC PSAs are 1/10th the decibel level of regular commercial ads. Do Japanese people really want the cacophony of beer ads to echo through their one-rooms once again? Are they somehow comforting?

      Give me PSAs that quote poetry (“Think it’s an echo?”) anyday.

    • Back when Gazo Box was around and I’d get tons of JP ads there I wondered who AC was. Thanks for clearing up a sort-of mystery.

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