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  • Don’t do that

    Posted on August 4th, 2010 keving 16 comments

    Sorry I haven’t updated much. I’ve had a lot of work lately. That and I had to beat La-Mulana, because my friend did and I have to prove that I’m still better than him.

    I do want to continue with the Gradius hijinx, though, and so here’s a video of a bug from the original Bubble System version. Essentially, if you defeat the boss of stage 6 before the scrolling stops, the game moves on to stage 7 while retaining the enemy data from the old level. This leads to assorted strange things. The bug was fixed for the later ROM-based releases.


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    • ArnoldRimmer83

      That was awesome at the end. I thought for a moment that the player was gonna be stuck in a black void, then suddenly a red screen of death. The morning music starting up afterward almost made it look like the game was saying “technical difficulties, please stand by.”

    • …update…?

    • @HCK:
      All in due time. Clearly, Kevin is digging up some really wonderful information about the PCE version of Gradius II (the only Konami shoot-em-up on CD-ROM for PCE), and lamenting the fact that Gradius III was never ported to the PCE.

      Also, I know Kevin is researching Easter Island’s impact on pop culture, and trying to determine the folks who wanted Moai in Gradius. Did other games, prior to Gradius, use these icons? What other commercial art (book covers, music albums, movie posters, t-shirts) featured our stoic friends from Easter Island? Did Konami simply tap into the zeitgeist? For example, the concept of “Ancient Egypt” was very popular in 80’s pop-culture, so it wasn’t surprising to see Egyptian themes in video games (Konami did this, most egregiously, with Lifeforce on NES).

      Since it was popular to think about ancient civilizations having contact/relationships with extra-terrestrial cultures, I can see why Konami tapped into the “Easter Island Space Alien” theme.

      But had it been done before in a video game? If so, which one(s)? That’s what I am curious about.

    • I have Gradius for the PCE… but what about some info on Parodius? How about leading us there…?

    • Holy crap! Sudden bubble system bootup screen! I’d have just about peed myself if I were a gamer discovering that bug for myself. Awesome.

    • WHERE ARE YOU, MAN?!?!

    • When some arcade games freeze, a special chip called a “watchdog” comes into play. The chip runs a timer that gets reset whenever a given memory location on the chip is written to. If the location goes too long without a write it resets the machine, which in Gradius’ case would send the hardware into Morning Music. That’s probably what happened here; something in the game state after the boss is defeated eventually freezes the program, or maybe the routine that usually writes to the watchdog doesn’t run.

    • RIP Magweasel TT

    • At this rate, I “HEART” THE PC ENGINE will be finished by the year 2020.

    • Aww please keep going with this blog. I’m a big fan

    • What happened to Kevin? Did he get run over by a school bus on fire? No updates in over 2 months. That makes me a sad panda.

    • he’s been working a lot lately, is the answer! i was surprised he kept this blog going for so long, while doing so much work. running the best blog on the net doesn’t pay the bills w a man’s gotta eat! but i’m sure he’ll be back eventually!

    • By “Don’t Do That” do you mean update the site?

    • I gotta agree with HCK. This is awfully upsetting and unsettling.

      When Kevin went on blog hiatus, he had the graciousness to inform his readership as well as providing the reason why. He didn’t rely on someone else to make excuses for him in his comments section. There was never a dry spell this long either AFAIK. I’m half wondering if the ‘so busy’ excuse is that he’s been abducted by China and is making small rocks out of big rocks in some gulag over there.

      I miss having my seasonal updates on that wacky Japanese mahjong player. 🙁

    • Patience. 🙂

      Me? I am going to play some Gomola Speed. And then nurse my fresh blisters.

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