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  • Do you need 100 GameCubes?

    Posted on July 20th, 2010 keving 8 comments

    Or 40 Famicoms? Or 20 Nintendo 64’s? 100 N64 controllers, maybe? Or how about 100 Super Famicoms, with 400 controllers and a random selection of 2000 loose SFC carts to go with it? (Presumably there are a lot of Romancing SaGas and Super Mario Worlds in that pile.)

    All this and more is up on Yahoo! Auctions over in Japan at the moment from a seller based in Osaka, presumably either the owner of a used-game shop that went out of business or the repo man who wound up inheriting all of his inventory.

    There was a time when the seller’s collection of 20 Famicom network adapters was worth its weight in gold in the Japanese collectors’ market, but a combination of warehouse finds and a general price depression in 8-bit games has lowered the price a great deal. It’s sort of like how the NES market is right now — a few titles are worth tons, but the majority is no more than a few hundred yen or so each.

    Amusingly, he has only eight Mega Drives available in his vast flog-off, and there’s no Saturn or Dreamcast stuff whatsoever. Nintendo stuff has a tendency to clog up used-game shop shelves, I suppose.