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  • FFVII CG doesn’t look thaaaaaaaat old

    Posted on June 24th, 2010 keving 5 comments

    A bunch of old press assets for Final Fantasy VII has showed up on the torrents lately; a 12mb .zip file that contains a lot of the concept renders and such that we all saw in EGM and GameFan in 1996.

    Seeing the files in their pixel-perfect glory rather than through the lens of a print magazine makes a lot of difference.

    It reminds me, in particular, of how instrumental FFVII was both to the PlayStation and to the entire JRPG genre. The game, alongside Super Mario 64, is what sold the “next generation” of consoles to the largest amount of gamers worldwide, and you can see why — maybe it’s crude 3D, but at its best, it’s incredibly colorful and inviting to the observer, something you had never seen before in video games. That, and whether you disagree with the direction it took the series or not, FFVII was far more massive in scale than anything Square had attempted previously — a harbinger, if you will, of the way the whole industry was going as its games grew a third dimension.

    Also, looking at this stuff, I didn’t realize Square put so much care into FFVII‘s vehicles. They came up with a complete description and design history for the Hardy-Daytona, the motorcycle that Cloud rides on his way out of Shinra HQ, for example. This sort of minute (almost obsessive) world-setting stuff is a hallmark of a lot of Japanese creative media.


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    • Any hints on what to search for? Looks cool.

    • Back when FF7 PC came out, and it arrived at my doorstep, I had a little time before a extracurricular programming class (which I got nowhere in) in which to install it on my parent’s computer.

      I was kind of hyped for it – I only had a Game Boy (though I think I had tinkered a bit with Nesticle and whatnot). I had seen some ads about it coming, heard the buzz about the big Square RPG coming to PC – an unbelievable event!

      I started the install program and went through the whole process. During the actual installation, those test render pictures came on screen one by one. They were beautiful, mysterious, enchanting. A MIDI version of The Prelude was playing, my first experience with really solidly composed video game music and the song itself. My eyes teared up out of giddy, joyful wonder. I was so lucky to be there at that moment.

      Of course, I was never that sold on the game itself, though I still enjoy and defend it to this day. But the planets-aligning perfect nature of that afternoon will stay with me forever.

    • @Dais – I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets all misty-eyed thinking of that FF7 PC install. Heck, I had gone to all the trouble of DOWNLOADING A DEMO. On a modem. Overnight. Interestingly, the demo files contained .bmps of these images. Which I proceeded to yoink and use as wallpaper. I’m thinking that these are of a better resolution, though…

    • A thousand pardons–and I know I’m late to the party–but that .7z link seems to be broken.

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