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  • Meet the 2ch’er with a complete Xbox 360 (JP) collection

    Posted on May 3rd, 2010 keving 3 comments

    (As of this writing, there are 299 Xbox 360 titles released in Japan. The original Xbox’s Japanese game library totals 222 titles.)

    397 2010/05/03 22:41:38 ID:K1SKseTM0
    I’ve completed the whole run of games released in Japan. The shelf is completely full at this point; I can’t put anything else in here. It’s packed full even after removing all of the import games, so I’ll probably push the Xbox 1 titles toward the back now that Live is offline.

    398 2010/05/03 22:42:12 ID:2+yaoiQJ0
    How much do you think you’d get if you sold it all at once?

    399 2010/05/03 22:42:48 ID:ciCcU/1q0
    Amazing as always…
    I could maybe fill a single shelf with mine

    412 2010/05/03 22:44:29 ID:1ksRAum50
    I have about 80 of them, but a whole set would make me way too much of a perv…

    425 2010/05/03 22:47:27 ID:/SSX9NM40
    Wow. You have a better selection than the game shops!

    413 2010/05/03(月) 22:44:37 ID:Y8b7DOr00
    I’d be interested in knowing whether you bought all these as they were released or completed the collection afterward. Metal Wolf Chaos is one thing, but stuff like Fatal Frame was going for around 30,000 yen at one point, wasn’t it?

    420 2010/05/03 22:46:40 ID:K1SKseTM0
    I don’t actively collect Xbox 1 games, so most of those I bought when they came out, though some of them I waited until they got cheap in the used marketplace — Sneakers, for example.

    484 2010/05/03 22:57:40 ID:Y8b7DOr00
    By the way, how many of these games have you actually beaten?

    494 2010/05/03 22:59:47 ID:K1SKseTM0
    I didn’t count them so I don’t know.
    I do beat most of the games I play. (I don’t bother with completing achievements too much)

    By the way, my achievement score is a little under 40,000, so I’m pretty much a straight-on collector at this point, so, yeah.

    549 2010/05/03 23:08:07 ID:Y8b7DOr00
    Nah, nah, 40,000 is still pretty impressive…
    The problem is, I bet that with this library, half of that score comes from playing gal-games…

    585 2010/05/03 23:13:53 ID:K1SKseTM0
    I don’t care for gal-games for the most part. The only one I’ve played is Steins;Gate; that was really awesome. For whatever reason, though, I can’t get myself to care about any of the others, including Chaos;Head.