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    Posted on April 16th, 2010 keving 1 comment

    The Tutorial: Freelancing

    Mr. Demian Linn was the man who gave me my review assignments for EGM back during 2004, that glorious year when I lived in San Francisco, covering rent and everything, living entirely off freelancing for print (okay, almost entirely). Every month, I’d come visit his cube high up in the Ziff Davis Media office building, and he’d fumble through a plastic bin full of discs and say “OK uhm…hmm…okay, guess what, you’re lead review on McFarlane’s Evil Prophecy” and the like. Fine memories.

    If anyone is qualified to tell you how to become a game-media freelancer, he’s the one…although in my personal range of knowledge, doing the supplementary-income stuff like strategy guides and consulting is pretty much a must these days. Anyone disagree?


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    • Kevin, I’ve been reading your site and GSW columns for a while, and I have intended for a while now to contact you about your experiences as a freelancer, so this post caught my eye.

      Demian seems to concentrate mostly on freelance writing in his interview. I’m just wondering if you’d be able to add any advice, suggestions, or stories about your experience as a freelance Japanese/English translator for games. Do you tend to come across these jobs as a result of your existing contacts within the game industry, or do you find them elsewhere?

      I already work as a freelance J>E translator, and while I have had some success finding projects that involve translating TV shows and movies, I’m at a loss as to how to break into the game translation field. If you can share any information without giving away your trade secrets, I would appreciate it!

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