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  • Rockman 2 MIN (2008)

    Posted on April 9th, 2010 keving 2 comments

    Rockman 2 MIN is probably the most extensive ROM hack of Mega Man II I’ve seen. You might as well just call it a total conversion at this point. The stages, music, graphics, enemy patterns, and a lot of your weapons have been changed.

    As for the difficulty? “I don’t intend it to be that difficult,” the author TAR writes, “but your choice of stage order might be vital. If you can beat the original, finishing this should be possible enough.” I don’t know about that. TAR really likes his spikes.

    You can take a tour of this mod through the TAS above (noting, of course, that the speedrun takes advantage of bugs that are no fault of TAR’s). See how much of the music you can guess — you should be able to spot at least a couple tunes from old Kirby and SaGa games.