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  • Being banned from XBL is “unconstitutional or something”

    Posted on March 27th, 2010 keving 3 comments


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    • hah, cabbagepots

      he’s well-known for being terrible on SA, so I’m going to ~guess~ this isn’t the whole story.

    • Even though you pay for the privilege, you cannot actually control the service. That would be equal to letting the inmates run the prison. This is something along the lines of renting. You can use but not modify. Banning under the bludgeon rule is rather cheap and I agree, warnings should have been issued, but again, you didn’t read it and the majority of the individuals who join the service will not either, you did agree to the TOS and assumed rules that fit into your version of the service that are not there.

      TOS’s should be written so that it is clearly understood by normal folks and not just legal departments and we would spend more time reading them and not just clicking through them. I believe you have a case for removing the suspension but I doubt Microsoft cares. They own the playground you want to play in and you’ll have to abide by their rules or go home. Good luck on getting back in before your suspensions is lifted. I am rooting for you.

    • If only people cared this much about, well, real injustices in the world—like, when you forgot your “frequent shopper” discount card and are forced to pay full price for a pack of Diet Coke, even though you are on a first name basis with the cashier (but she’s not in a good mood, so she doesn’t cut you a break)…

      I mean, not only was that a run-on sentence, but also a goddamned injustice.

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