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  • “Is committing adultery at age 32 wrong?”

    Posted on March 10th, 2010 keving 2 comments

    Part of an occasional series where I translate the oddly poetic Japanese dating-site spam I get in the mail. I wish I got more sometimes.

    My name is Yuka Mita; I’m a 32-year-old housewife with one child.

    My life has been perfectly average lately — every day, I do the chores around the house, watching TV to while away the time. The other day, though, I looked at myself in the mirror and a thought suddenly crossed my mind: “Am I just going to keep growing older like this?” The face in the mirror was familiar enough, but for that one moment, it looked different from usual.

    I’ve given everything I had to my motherly duties, and I believe I’ve tried my best for my husband. But I never want to forget the happiness I feel when people look at me as a woman. No matter how old I get, I want to be the same woman I was when I was born — that’s how I’ve been thinking now.

    I have run out of patience with my husband. Would you be able to look at me as a woman — as a girl, and a girl alone?

    I have a child and I don’t want to destroy our family, so we have to be honest with the role of our relationship in our lives. I’d like for both of us to fully respect each other’s private matters.

    My photo and full profile is published below.
    [URL removed]

    My desire to be seen as a woman is always with me, and my body shape isn’t that far removed from what it was in my twenties.

    If we could start just by talking about the trivial things in our life and build from there, that would be wonderful. I’ll wait for you to contact me.


    I’ll save you, Yuka!!! I just turned 32 and everything, too!!! :'(


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