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  • You know, something tells me that Play Magazine doesn’t exist any longer

    Posted on February 9th, 2010 keving 5 comments

    • Fusion Publishing, producers of Play and Geek Monthly, hasn’t published anything since the January Play (above)
    • The last print issue I got of Geek Monthly (subscription renewed in June ’09 or so) was way back in September; they apparently distributed their October and November issues in digital-only format while I wasn’t paying attention
    • Play has recently lost two key staffers — Greg Orlando went to PlayStation: The Official Magazine, and Brady Fiechter, who was sorta the editor-in-chief, has moved on to the new EGM project
    • A report on Geek’s Facebook page claims that readers are receiving notices that Fusion has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy (i.e. liquidation). I haven’t gotten my notice yet, but I certainly look forward to reading it and seeing exactly how impossible it’ll be to get a refund*

    Does this mean that I’m not gonna be producing “Dave Halverson’s Greatest Hits” for 2010? 🙁

    * Not like we did any such thing at PiQ, of course. But that was all out of my hands, I promise, having been laid off way beforehand! (Not that I was gonna spend my personal money to send out refunds, but…)


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