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  • Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love

    Posted on December 16th, 2009 keving 5 comments


    Completely out of the blue, I received a preview build of Sakura Wars in the mail the other day. I say “completely out of the blue” because this is the first time I’ve received a preview build of anything since I got laid off from ADV in June of 2008. I honestly didn’t realize that the PR department of NIS America knew my home address. Are they spying on me??!! Wait. Maybe not. If so, they woulda known that my modded PS2 is somewhere in the closet, buried under a bunch of winter clothing, and I have too much work today to dig it out! (I have a vague memory of telling my old PR contacts to send their email blasts to an address I created for that purpose, but man, I haven’t checked it in about a year. Sorry, video-game industry.)

    All I can say today about this game is that it has Gemini Sunrise in it. That’s all that needs to be said, right? Hiroi-ohji made an offhand comment half a decade ago about how this character will serve to introduce the series to overseas audiences — apparently he was looking even further ahead than I ever imagined!

    The ferret gives the bubble wrap 8.2/10.


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    • You son of a bitch.

    • Aw, I’m sorry — I am not intending to brag; I’m just a bit quizzical at the sudden delivery. I sadly am not at the cusp of anime-y Japanese games any longer, so…

    • It’s cool, I’m just jealous. I’m not plotting to break into your residence while you’re out of town on vacation or anything. No sir. You have left by now, yes? I’m just curious.

    • No dogs, right? Dog bites can be really nasty.

    • Damn. Now I’m pretty sure that the Wii port is what has been causing these ongoing delays. At least check whether your version has the English dub, which was the other major suspect until now.

      And I’m still mad that SEGA/NISA refused to translate the remake of the first game. It would have tied in perfectly with the available manga, first OVA, TV-series, theatrical feature, second OVA and the Sumire OVA. They better have some serious reason for giving the established fanbase the boot. If it really was all about reaching a larger target audience, then SEGA’s acquired marketing sickness runs deeper than I wanted to imagine.

      Japanese marketing people in general have to stop caring about what Americans want. People like me are interested in Japanese games exactly because they are heavily engineered towards a Japanese audience and hence end up being so different from what local developers here keep churning out. NISA knows this very well, and I’m thankful to them for keeping with the SRPG and 2D-RPG niches for so long. Therefore I sincerely have to believe that they were trying their utmost to deliver us a Sakura Taisen game, and that the choice of title and the additional burdens like a cheap and dubbed Wii-version (the number one console most commonly associated with shovelware titles outside of Japan) were demands made by SEGA.

      What is a pity in itself, given that SEGA used to have an extremely arcade-heavy (and therefore niche oriented) background. Even SEGA of America put quality service over mass appeal back when they denied to join the censorship race with Nintendo of America. Probably their degeneration started when they stopped being dependent on their arcade business to finance their home console innovations.

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