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  • Greatest special edition ever goes for $3400

    Posted on December 10th, 2009 keving 14 comments


    Enemy Zero, a 1997 Sega Saturn release, was a very hard survival-horror game from Kenji Eno’s infamous WARP studio. It was arguably the first 3DCG game to have a nude scene. In Japan it also had what’s unarguably the most hilarious limited-edition box set ever made for a console title.

    Only twenty of these special boxes — or should I say “special crates”? — were produced. They cost a cool 200,000 yen each, and Kenji Eno personally delivered them to each buyer himself on a flatbed truck (really).

    Number 08 hit Yahoo! Auctions in Japan the other day and was sold for 300,000 yen, or about $3414.58.

    What’s in this package? Let’s see:


    • A copy of the “regular”  Enemy Zero special edition
    • A full set (leather outfit w/gloves, hat, tights, EO-logo badge and earrings) of the outfit worn by the companion girls at WARP’s 1996 Tokyo Game Show booth, designed by Yasushi Nirasawa
    • A towel embroidered with the EO logo
    • A model of an “enemy” corpse, complete with bodily liquid
    • A metallic bookmark
    • A flyer and ticket to an Enemy Zero art exhibit held in 1996
    • A set of press releases for Enemy Zero (back when these were faxed around instead of emailed)
    • A VHS video of Enemy Zero music clips
    • A large 3D lenticular sheet
    • A set of stickers
    • An Enemy Zero T-shirt
    • A replica of the gun Laura uses in the game, again designed by Nirasawa
    • Actual design documents used in developing the game
    • Floppy disks, envelopes, and paper bags with the WARP logo
    • A Sega Saturn-stamped CD-R (contents unknown)

    One wonders if the seller actually held on to this package for 12 years before selling it now. Maybe he needed the space for his copy of the FFVII Advent Children box.


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