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  • Evangelion shows up in Japanese proficiency exam

    Posted on December 6th, 2009 keving 5 comments


    Level 1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test this year had a listening question which, to say the least, doesn’t involve a lot of of day-to-day vocabulary.

    The humor here is that this little drama is heavily inspired by Eva (even using the names “Asuka” and “Unit 04” and so on) while remaining just different enough to avoid copyright issues. I can’t help but laugh at how hard people wanted to understand this stuff back in the late ’90s without having to rely on subtitles.

    If you know Japanese, why not listen and give it a shot? Transcripts and so on are under the cut.




    1 隊長が零号機で行きます
    2 隊長が四号機で行きます
    3 女の人が零号機で行きます
    4 女の人が四号機で行きます

    You are listening to a drama on the radio. Who is doing what in the program?

    “Captain, our second defense line has been penetrated! The giant monster is heading straight for the central control system. If this keeps up, we won’t last another 30 minutes!”
    “Which Mobile Fighters can we take out now?”
    “Only Unit 00.”
    “We have no choice. I’m taking out Unit 04.”
    “The testing on Unit 04 isn’t complete yet. Besides, there are no pilots who can control it…”
    “Unit 00 can’t block its advance. I’m going to go!”
    “By yourself, Captain?! But with your injuries, you wouldn’t be able to withstand Unit 04’s acceleration!”
    “I’ll go.”
    “I can pilot Unit 04. Please, let me go!”
    “But you’re still in training. This is no place for a kid to show up!”
    “There’s no time for that!”
    “Hey! Asuka! Wait!”
    Launch preparations for Unit 04 complete.
    “Asuka…I’m counting on you.”

    Who is doing what in the program?
    1. The captain is going on Unit 00.
    2. The captain is going on Unit 04.
    3. The girl is going on Unit 00.
    4. The girl is going on Unit 04.


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    • This is out in the wild already? The tests were yesterday and they tell you to keep your big mouth shut so people taking it in later time zones won’t have an unfair advantage. It’s definitely over by this point but I’m surprised to see the test materials released so quickly.

    • Hahaha oh god I should’ve taken it.

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