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  • PC Engine rarities

    Posted on December 3rd, 2009 keving 3 comments

    I’ve started adding “Rarity” ratings to PCE games. This is based chiefly off Akihabara prices and the experiences of the assorted collectors I know over in Japan. It’s not meant to be fabulously scientific, but I think it’s interesting to see nonetheless and could generate some discussion.

    My definition of “rarity” is simply how hard a game is to obtain. I don’t factor anything like print runs or how hot or sought-after a title is. My ratings:
    “Common” — You shouldn’t have to pay more than 500 yen for a complete example, if that.
    “Uncommon” — Still cheap but you may have to hunt a little. Expect to pay 1000 yen and up in the collector circuit.
    “Rare” — It’s a good day if you get one of these. Generally expect to pay 4000-5000 yen and up in the collector circuit.
    “Extremely Rare” — Public release games that are impressive finds in the wild and regularly go for over 10,000 yen among collectors.
    “Unbelievably Rare” — Contest prizes or other extremely low-run releases. Japanese collectors need these to complete their libraries and therefore run prices up to the moon and beyond.


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    • I think “rarity” is an interesting component to add to your posts. It would create a snapshot of the current market, which is neat. Of course, price and rarity shouldn’t be conflated.

      I know you are busy, but it would be neat if you went back and added “rarity” to the PCE titles you have already profiled. 🙂

    • I might also submit that rarity and price shouldn’t really be equated. Dracula X still commands a 6800 yen price or so (way lower due to VC and PSP versions), but you’ll find at least two in absolutely every shop that carries retro games.

    • @brandon

      Surely you mean “classic games”. Retro games just LOOK old, while classic games actually ARE old. Look it up in your favorite dictionary.

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