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  • Willow Soft eliminates the middleman!

    Posted on December 2nd, 2009 keving 7 comments


    Buy the limited-edition box set (on Amazon Japan) for eroge-maker Willow Soft’s Okāsan ga Ippai!! (which means something like “Moms All Over the Place!!”), and in addition to the standard artbook, you will also get a sex toy modeled after the pocketbooks of one of the game’s seven heroines. I think this is a first.

    You also get a CD with tracks of each girl groaning, which you’re meant to tune to accordingly based on whose silicone minge you’re involved with at the moment.

    The game comes out Christmas Day, of course.

    Click onward to see exactly what you’re getting (work safe, more or less).

    Okāsan ga Ippai!! stars Kazuki, a regular guy who recently lost both of his parents. Kazuki apparently had a really cool grandpa, because when he died, he not only willed Kazuki a fortune in cash — he also sent him seven “mother candidates,” from a famous movie star to a nun from overseas, and Kazuki must choose which elder lady will serve as the nucleus of his new family. There is also a lot of kinky sex.


    Here’s Kozue Namba, a doctor with a penchant for laziness.


    – Different feel in each section
    – Not too tight, but just rigid enough to help you feel the shape
    – Your head is stimulated in the deepest end

    Kozue is apparently running Dracula’s Funhouse of Horrors down there.


    Niina Nakao, a 30-year-old (according to Willow, who must’ve hired the Iraqi Information Minister to write these character descriptions), looks a little kinder. Her bio states that an assortment of health problems prevented her body from developing normally, but she serves as the “moodmaker” among the seven girls nonetheless.


    I feel like I’m going to hell just for translating this, but:

    – Tight and virgin-like from the entrance
    – Strong grip throughout
    – The deepest end gives you gentle love


    The deluxe package costs only 7652 yen on Amazon, less than the 10,500 yen Final Fantasy XIII’s limited-edition runs Japanese gamers. I’m pretty sure Square Enix didn’t go quite this deep with their game’s character backstories, however.

    (Via Jin)


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