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  • Things Legendary Swords Have A Lot Of

    Posted on November 10th, 2009 keving 2 comments


    1 :2009/10/24(土) 09:29:40.25 ID:ZbYgLYgS0
    Besides being stuck in stones and only The Chosen One can pull it out, please.

    15 :2009/10/24(土) 09:33:46.73 ID:L3+9DZHPO

    19 :2009/10/24(土) 09:35:25.65 ID:peU8BuTGO
    Bouncing around the elf village

    21 :2009/10/24(土) 09:36:12.91 ID:thLQuWCN0
    Passed down over generations

    25 :2009/10/24(土) 09:40:10.59 ID:1lBxmTOZO
    Made by dwarves

    26 :2009/10/24(土) 09:41:15.73 ID:8ndyR8PM0
    Either really thick or really long

    29 :2009/10/24(土) 09:43:54.45 ID:hTxwVJWq0
    The old guy near it is really surprised when you touch it without being shocked/blown away

    39 :2009/10/24(土) 09:45:58.05 ID:+caNLnvIO
    Doesn’t look sharp

    41 :2009/10/24(土) 09:47:02.24 ID:hTxwVJWq0
    Disappears after you plunge it into the final boss for the last time

    45 :2009/10/24(土) 09:51:36.35 ID:NlmVjI8i0
    All rusty at first

    48 :2009/10/24(土) 09:54:07.01 ID:xVHA9OX8O
    If you can sell it it’s either worth a ton of money or 1 Gil

    55 :2009/10/24(土) 09:58:54.25 ID:pTlbCYigO
    Usually about the 3rd strongest by the end

    59 :2009/10/24(土) 10:04:24.90 ID:/kE0FSIq0
    Based on the Holy or Light element so it’s hard to use

    70 :2009/10/24(土) 10:17:03.87 ID:oko8Efuq0
    There’s an evil sword that goes with it

    72 :2009/10/24(土) 10:20:46.04 ID:NJZrzPWh0
    If a villain steals it from its owner he usually bursts into flames or something like that

    87 :2009/10/24(土) 10:32:28.58 ID:RMf1mtf6O
    Fires beams

    97 :2009/10/24(土) 10:41:34.50 ID:l5iyqfrz0
    Nobody really knows anything about the legend behind the sword

    Old man “Ahhh, the legendary sword!!!”
    Hero “Uh, great”

    132 :2009/10/24(土) 11:26:42.99 ID:6OVYMpmr0

    141 :2009/10/24(土) 11:36:25.76 ID:h4EWnKLMO
    Capable of killing things in one swipe during cutscenes only


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