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  • Odds, ends

    Posted on November 6th, 2009 keving 5 comments

    The next PCE game I have to review is awful and I’m pretty drunk right now (hey, it’s Thursday, right?!), so instead of a real update, here are a couple of lovely Nico-videos:

    A collection of ads from the early era of the PC Engine, circa 1988-89. You’ll notice that NEC (a) likes needless English (b) has a sense of advertising style that rivals Sony Computer Entertainment’s.

    It sticks in my craw, for some reason, that Victory Run received 15/30 from PC Engine Fan readers. The game I have to review next, which (like I said) is one of the crappiest titles in the entire library, scored two points higher. This is completely unfair. Victory Run was nothing new by the time it was released, but it was solid, had peppy music, and was that perfect mix of difficult without being frustrating. Give it at least a 20, guys, good God. Check out what happens when you win the entire race in this ~20-minute video.


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    • The Gunhed commercial’s strict refusal to use any spoken Japanese, even for the release date, is impressive.

    • “Gunhed has gone over the speed limit!”

      ‘Nuff said.

    • Oh, and I totally agree with you on Victory Run.

      The readers were clearly having psychotic episodes: they awarded Appare! Gateball and Fighting Street and countless other titles more status and respect than fathomable.

      I say this, mind you, as an ardent proponent of The Kung Fu and Blodia.

    • …Is one of those commercials a spoof of Bugsy Malone?

    • Blogging drunk? That’s the only way to blog. I was a little disappointed at the end of this video. When the fellow jumped out of the car and headed into the ocean, I hoped he would just keep going out to sea; and that the whole cross continent drive was a Vanishing Point like journey into into self oblivion. But I guess you can’t expect that level of subtext in an old driving game.

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