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  • Dungeon Explorer addendum

    Posted on October 11th, 2009 keving 2 comments

    Dungeon Explorer (J)-032 Dungeon Explorer (U)-001

    Something that I meant to add about Dungeon Explorer but didn’t quite get around to.

    One somewhat famous aspect of this game is DEBDE-DEBDA, the password that more or less puts the game into debug mode. With that code (and the appropriate button presses), you get an invincible high-powered character that can walk through walls and warp to nearly any point in the game instantly. Somewhat less well-known is that you can use the no-clip cheat to sit down on the king’s throne after retrieving the ORA stone for him…in the US version, anyway. The Japanese original lets you clip right over the king and sit on the throne at any time.

    The ensuing “bad ending” is pretty tongue-in-cheek in the TurboGrafx-16 localization, but Atlus apparently meant it to be more serious at first. Here’s the text from the Japanese version of the ending:

    “Now I’m the king. This country is mine. Wa ha ha ha…!”

    His journey ended, the hero gave up the search for the Ora Stone and took the king’s place on the throne. That night, Cornelia launched a nationwide festival…but by the time the night began to break, no man could be found in the castle.

    Bathed in the morning light, the fallen hero saw an abandoned, ruined city…

    This ending is totally inaccessible in both the US and Japan versions without cheating, as far as I know. I wonder why Atlus didn’t make it an option for non-cheating players — I guess they thought that ending the game just because the player happened to sit on an empty throne was pretty cruel, even by 1989 console-game standards.


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    • There’s a similar secret in Phantasy Star III, you’ve seen it right? If I remember correctly you sell all your stuff at the beginning and buy an Escapipe, and then instead of escaping jail like the game wants you to, you use your Escapipe and enter a broken alternate dimension where the king tells you that while what you did was clever, you’ve broken the game.

    • “HA HA HA…”

      I forgot about that.

      I suppose that thrones (and the status and power that accompany them) are often irresistable, even for heroes.

      Which reminds me: one of the wonderful thing in Legendary Axe II is that (spoiler!) your own brother betrays you to seize the throne for himself. Since the entire game has a decidedly morose tone, this ultimate act of betrayal fits perfectly.

      Dungeon Explorer nurtures a wonderfully somber atmosphere, but it isn’t nearly as pessimistic as it could have been. Too bad! It would have been neat if NATAS was a bit more cruel, storywise.

      Anyway, Dungeon Explorer is easily in the TOP TEN chip tune soundtracks of all time. Every. Song. Crushes. Pulverizes.

      Then, those very songs have the power to heal your weeping heart.

      I suspect that NATAS had a hand in composing these songs.

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