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  • Pay 1000 yen to get slapped by a maid cafe girl next month

    Posted on September 24th, 2009 keving 4 comments

    cute-room-that-girl-slaps[1]“Play options

    1. Game system rental (1000 yen for 30 minutes)
      Systems: Wii, PS3, PSP, Xbox, DS — you can bring your own games
    2. Share a tender moment watching a DVD with her. You can bring your own DVD (1000 yen for 30 minutes)
    3. Mini-games (800 yen for 20 minutes) — cards, The Game of Life, etc
    4. I’d be happy to massage your hands (1200 yen for 20 minutes)
    5. Ear cleaning while you rest your head in her lap (1500 yen for 20 minutes, 3000 yen for 40 minutes)
    6. A Tsundere/deredere slap (1000 yen for a “round trip”)
    7. Off to dreamland as I read a storybook (1000 yen for 20 minutes)
    8. A memorial photo of the two of us (1500 yen per)
    9. Handmade sweets, filled with love (2000 yen; message card included next time)
    10. Get a hold of my feelings with this love letter (1000 yen per letter)
    11. Read my [mobile] mail! (photo + message: 500 yen, 3 for 1200 yen)
    12. You’re looking at meeee! ([mobile phone] movie, 1000 yen, 3 for 2500 yen)
    13. This is who I am! (Bromide photo, 300 yen each)
    14. Let’s trade presents! (reservations required; 1500 yen)

    Some girls may not be able to engage in all forms of play. Please tell us about your own games.”

    Usually maid cafes take measures to keep the creepiest clients away from premises, but Cute Room — opening up in Akihabara October 4 — seems to be taking the opposite approach.

    The “spa-for-the-brain and relaxation shop” gives you a choice of room themes and costume for your lady companion to wear as she hangs out with you. It costs 4000 yen for 40 minutes, 5500 yen for an hour, or 7500 yen for 80 minutes; the list of “play” activities above are all options. As the website puts it, the environment allows you to enjoy a “2.7D world,” one that’s just a little bit closer to the one guests see in wacky anime love comedies.

    What would you do with a girl for 40 to 80 minutes after paying for her company? Well, I can think of a few things, but in Cute Room you’ll be playing games, watching DVDs, getting massages of assorted sorts, and so on — assuming you’ve got the cash. That and you can get slapped if you’re into that Haruhi Suzumiya stuff. Presumably you could experience all of the above if you had a real girlfriend, but if you’re contemplating a visit to Cute Room, you probably don’t have a girlfriend, do you?

    If you’re sticking around Tokyo post-TGS for a little sightseeing, come to the grand opening event on October 3 (Saturday), where they’ll let 30 guests in for a sneak-preview look at what 2.7D looks like in action.

    The 2ch response:

    3 : 2009/09/24 18:10:25.98 ID:Rg9/0iSX
    I’ll pay 1500 yen if I can slap her

    4 : 2009/09/24 18:10:52.26 ID:+4oOEBWT
    I’ll go up to 2000 yen if I get to punch her back

    27 : 2009/09/24 18:12:45.66 ID:PywMLfrV
    I get to say where she slaps me, right?

    106 : 2009/09/24 18:18:02.40 ID:DJ9eUHjV
    I’d happily pay 1000 yen per half-hour for someone willing to play me in Armored Core.

    157 : 2009/09/24 18:23:38.66 ID:SqIXifez
    1000 yen for half an hour is pretty cheap for getting to play with a girl. I better go load up my Steel Battalion set into my car now.

    196 : 2009/09/24 18:28:52.24 ID:aOOVP5pH
    If I paid 50,000 yen, could I get her to slap me 50 times in a row?

    332 : 2009/09/24 18:52:31.01 ID:FhW/Nb7I
    Who gives a crap about getting slapped?
    I want it to be like, I accidentally touch her boobs or look at her panties or the wind blows her skirt up or something, and then I desperately defend myself saying “No, no, I can explain!” and then, embarrassed and angry, she says “What are you doing, you pervert!!” and punches me. If it’s just some expressionless girl slapping me and holding out her palm for 1000 yen, that’s stupid.

    677 : 2009/09/24 21:31:59.42 ID:l6r9Eu0u
    Where is Akihabara going?


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