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  • Glomping: Taking hugs to the cutting edge

    Posted on September 11th, 2009 keving 2 comments

    OTAKU USA x FAMITSU: “Otaku World Culture” explosion

    Hear ye! Hear ye! The long-awaited fruit of the most recent, and certainly most wall-shaking, collaboration between Otaku USA and Weekly Famitsu is on sale now! The 9/24 issue of Japan’s venerable TV Game magazine offers readers a trip through “Otaku World Culture” via the results of the 2009 Foreign Otaku survey and special contributions from the OUSA staff. The Famitsu spin machine is promising a thorough look at the “rich and realistic” lives of Western otaku and gamers. And since YOU supplied the raw data, this epic celebration of international-brotherhood-and-understanding is very much yours to enjoy as well!

    A thorough look, eh? Well, in that case I’m sure we can expect a portrayal of video-game and anime fans as mature, self-supporting men and women who hold steady jobs and enjoy their hobby respo–

    The problem with subcultures is that if their members do not immediately censure the scene’s most embarrassing traits, those traits invariably end up defining it.

    Just to prove I’m not one to talk, here’s a comment from one of the US otaku surveyed:

    “My dream is to marry a Japanese woman, work in Akihabara, and play games on old systems like the PC Engine and Dreamcast in their original form!” –Anonymous, age 33

    Jeez, what am I doing in this article? I could go without the part where I’m 33 and manning a register in Akihabara with my waifu, but I like the rest of that sentence!


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