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  • “My wife found out I named our daughter after a porn game”

    Posted on August 16th, 2009 keving 10 comments

    1 – 2009/08/05 11:42:07.29 ID:Gv0Doadv0
    I came home from work yesterday to find a porn-game box I had hidden placed on top of the keyboard.

    Kana: Little Sister

    I tried to talk my way out of it at first, but my wife’s decided that I got the name from this game, and it’s pretty much the truth anyway, so I couldn’t. I tried to emphasize how nice a girl Kana is, but that didn’t work either. I’ve got both my and the wife’s parents coming to a family conference after I get home today.

    20 – 2009/08/05 11:45:45.93 ID:dNaLV1HeO
    Uh, Kana dies, doesn’t she?
    That’s creepy, so at least make it Saya or something

    29 – 2009/08/05 11:46:58.86 ID:Gv0Doadv0
    Once I found out she was gonna be a girl, I had no choice in my mind but Kana.

    36 – 2009/08/05 11:49:16.57 ID:uadBUOR80
    You know they’re gonna have her write about where her name came from sometime or other during elementary school. Are you gonna tell her the truth then?

    48 – 2009/08/05 11:51:41.54 ID:Gv0Doadv0
    I’ll tell her that it came from Canaan because I wanted peace in the Middle East.

    39 – 2009/08/05 11:50:16.73 ID:Cq6BhfVd0
    There’s been a name I’ve had in my mind for a daughter for ages now. Can you guess what it is?

    It’s Haruhi.

    I couldn’t do it in the end, though. I’m jealous of >>1’s bravery.

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