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  • The Japanese website for Lost Kingdoms still exists

    Posted on July 28th, 2009 keving 2 comments

    Oh God, my favorite sub-50k-selling GameCube title is over seven years old, where did the time go D-:

    Normal updates are a-coming! I’m back to busy mode again!


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    • whoa, this music. Is this what most From Software music is like? I heard some early King’s Field stuff and din’t like it, but this sounds charmingly different.

      Just the other day I read a post on Andore Jr. about sites no longer around and not really archive anywhere (specifically, those old “Squaresoft towns” where you’d click through a bunch of sprites who were stuck in a layout, and they’d lead you to different sections of a site, usually little comedy conversations. Reminded me I really need to find some kind of way to start archiving websites for games, because they can often feature art assets never seen elsewhere.

    • “my favorite sub-50k-selling GameCube title”
      how can you choose just one?


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