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  • Richter Belmont and His Keyblade

    Posted on July 24th, 2009 keving 2 comments

    Nobody in the Belmont family ever learned how to walk straight, really.

    Fun Fact: Count Dracula’s voice in this game is also the voice of MacGyver in the Japanese dub.


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    • for those who haven’t signed up for nico yet (like, uh, me), here’s the TAS info page with a link to a youtube video:

      I haven’t played the original, just the SNES version (yeah, sorry), but man, the key item crash is wonderful. Subweapons were easily one of the best recurring gameplay mechanics a series ever ran away with, and it’s a shame that the series wasn’t really sure what to do with them post-SOTN. The powers in Legends, the spell fusions in Lament and Harmony, the whole well-intentioned mess starting with Aria that the games couldn’t shake…

      And the poor homing dagger in Shooter mode in Circle of the Moon. Come back Nathan Graves 🙁

    • That video was crazy. Crazy.

      I love the atmosphere in this game… all the little details really make it special.

      The music during the name entry/save file screens is really nice, too. It should have been used in the game.

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