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  • Victor Ireland — NeoGAF’s last voice of reason?!

    Posted on July 14th, 2009 keving 6 comments



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    • Well, sure, anyone would seem sober and sensible next to that icecream dude. He’s one creepy mofo.

    • Hilarious how they both have loli avatars.

    • nice avatars on the fans.

    • not just being the voice of reason to pedos with pedo avatars, but also ironic as hell. How long has it been since Vic was publishing crap aimed at pedos with a blue hair fettish????/ He himself was a little… invested… in that game as I recall.

    • As an anime fan, I just want to apologize for those guys. Jesus.

    • I think idolmaster is pretty ridiculous (although I think the harm of pedo-appeal and Namco micro-payments is “added anti-value” and not an inherent problem with the concept), but I really want the DS version to come over. Because, yeah, the one singer is a dude.

      also I have to wonder how much Ireland’s “potentially illegal” comment is out of genuinely thinking it’s risky, versus, uh, being Vic Ireland

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