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  • The 4 Warriors of Light…?

    Posted on July 1st, 2009 keving 15 comments


    Japanese gamers’ response to the announcement of Square’s new DS title was a bit reserved, chiefly because most expected the game to be SaGa 4 or Romancing SaGa 4.

    38 : ロベリア(長屋):2009/07/01(水) 22:22:54.17 ID:v84Rl7Qt
    The greatest disappointment of the year

    41 : デージー(コネチカット州):2009/07/01(水) 22:22:58.47 ID:rNWQPbOU
    This company is connected to the DS by the hip

    57 : ナズナ(dion軍):2009/07/01(水) 22:23:31.62 ID:AGKRh+oE
    Just stop making 3D DS games already!

    93 : ニリンソウ(九州・沖縄):2009/07/01(水) 22:25:14.66 ID:Zl+dk6+/
    Whew…I’m just glad the Romancing SaGa series is safe…

    112 : シバザクラ・フロッグストラモンティ(東京都):2009/07/01(水) 22:25:58.92 ID:1riYtmX4
    You people are ridiculously rough on Square.
    Every day you’re all “Square makes nothing but remakes and sequels, fuck ‘em,” and when they put out a new game you treat it like shit

    174 : ナズナ(関西地方):2009/07/01(水) 22:29:29.35 ID:OONQBAUt
    It’s shit because they slapped the FF name on it
    If it was actually a new title it’d be forgivable

    192 : フデリンドウ(東京都):2009/07/01(水) 22:30:01.43 ID:oH91exdb
    Don’t put up a countdown page for some garbage DS RPG
    Go out of business already

    228 : ヒナゲシ(アラバマ州):2009/07/01(水) 22:32:01.23 ID:brvIakX6
    It’s not like there’s anyone left to make anything on a level with RS2 or RS3…

    254 : オニタビラコ(アラバマ州):2009/07/01(水) 22:33:26.25 ID:tbGwn0tW
    Take the visuals away from FF, and there’s nothing left…
    The series has no gameplay, after all…

    273 : クロッカス(静岡県):2009/07/01(水) 22:34:25.51 ID:f+piYwy3
    What is this a ‘gaiden’ for in the first place?
    It’s not like the FF stories are connected to each other

    405 : ハナイバナ(静岡県):2009/07/01(水) 22:42:46.13 ID:Bx1QklP+
    Doing countdowns for DS software should be outlawed.

    520 : アブラチャン(福井県):2009/07/01(水) 22:50:23.88 ID:x3HATJLe
    I know the platform hardware doesn’t figure into what makes a game fun,
    but you can’t make a 3D game with below-PS1-standard graphics.
    Something like SaGa Frontier 2 would’ve been fine…don’t force polygons into it

    590 : ヘビイチゴ(長屋):2009/07/01(水) 22:56:26.53 ID:zSyObewj
    So have some subcontractor make a game, slap “FF” on it, and sell it.

    Hell of a business.

    669 : セントランサス(宮崎県):2009/07/01(水) 23:02:45.73 ID:njMpgcuA


    How could this look worse than an SFC game?
    Am I ever going to see 2D art as beautiful as this again?

    783 : トリアシスミレ(北海道):2009/07/01(水) 23:13:25.96 ID:TlzvjDFF
    When Square and Enix first merged, I was so excited about how FF and DQ would evolve in the coming years.

    Then this happened
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    • fucking lol

    • i feel much the same way as the posters. i saw the yoshida art and was like mmmmmm and then i saw the screenshots and was like baaaaaaaaarf. that (romasaga?) sprite rip screen is just painful reiteration of the point. why make something fake retro if it’s, as was said, sub-PS1? DIE DIE DIE DIE

    • this game looks awesome

    • needs more boobz n gunz

    • Hmm… I doubt that some of those posters are from Alabama or Connecticut… or is that a “feature” of the anonymous posting system?

    • mikef: You are correct. (What “Anonymous” comes up as is different for nearly every 2ch subboard.)

    • The fact that Japanese people love SaGa games so much testifies to their crappy taste in games.

      Besides, when Famitsu gives the game a 38/40 or something like that, all the people who were bitching before will be polishing Squeenix’s knob in praise in between playings of Monster Hunter and Dragon Quest.

    • Holy hell! And I thought gamefaqs posters were bad.

    • I kinda feel the same way as those guys: this game feels like a few steps back. And people are rough on Square because they used to bring great things to the table, and Final Fantasy used to be a series you could bank on being worth your money, even if it wasn’t perfect.

      Now we’re up to, what, XIII with XIV hot on its heels and a lot of FF sequels (Advent Children, After Years), I can’t help but wish they’d just focus on some of their other properties.

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