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  • The 4 Warriors of Light…?

    Posted on July 1st, 2009 keving 19 comments


    Japanese gamers’ response to the announcement of Square’s new DS title was a bit reserved, chiefly because most expected the game to be SaGa 4 or Romancing SaGa 4.

    38 : ロベリア(長屋):2009/07/01(水) 22:22:54.17 ID:v84Rl7Qt
    The greatest disappointment of the year

    41 : デージー(コネチカット州):2009/07/01(水) 22:22:58.47 ID:rNWQPbOU
    This company is connected to the DS by the hip

    57 : ナズナ(dion軍):2009/07/01(水) 22:23:31.62 ID:AGKRh+oE
    Just stop making 3D DS games already!

    93 : ニリンソウ(九州・沖縄):2009/07/01(水) 22:25:14.66 ID:Zl+dk6+/
    Whew…I’m just glad the Romancing SaGa series is safe…

    112 : シバザクラ・フロッグストラモンティ(東京都):2009/07/01(水) 22:25:58.92 ID:1riYtmX4
    You people are ridiculously rough on Square.
    Every day you’re all “Square makes nothing but remakes and sequels, fuck ’em,” and when they put out a new game you treat it like shit

    174 : ナズナ(関西地方):2009/07/01(水) 22:29:29.35 ID:OONQBAUt
    It’s shit because they slapped the FF name on it
    If it was actually a new title it’d be forgivable

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