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  • Sad news

    Posted on June 26th, 2009 keving 2 comments

    Nihon Break Kogyo is apparently no more. The Yokohama-based demolitions firm was an Internet sensation about five years ago because one of their contracted part-time employees (who’s now a full-time professional musician) created a “company anthem” that totally rocked. You may remember it from the below video:

    NBK commissioned this anthem in 2002 as part of a new PR package for its clients; it got into the hands of Tamori sometime in late 2003, he introduced it on TV, and it became a huge hit, even winding up on a Taiko Drum Master disc.

    Their site suddenly went offline June 19. People assumed they had simply been done in by the poor economy, but the truth is far stranger:

    “The 43-year-old president of a subsidiary that handled management rights for the NBK anthem, and his mother, a 65-year-old that had been with the company since its founding and ran all of its accounting, conspired together to embezzle the majority of the outfit’s money. A paper company that the woman’s new husband was president of was also involved in it. They were exposed in January this year, but they took the company for at least 500 million yen [$5.22 million] over the past three years — and that’s just what they’ve found so far. The company’s total yearly income only averaged 150 million yen, so they were in no shape to continue functioning.”

    The company’s 20-person staff were all laid off in January, leaving only the president and founder, who’s preparing to sue the perpetrators in civil court. The article states that the mother-and-son team handled all of the royalties from the song, which means NBK itself never saw a single aluminum 1-yen piece from the massive, stereotypically Japanese boom.

    Shame. The song’s pretty “I was diddling with my Casio” in style, but you can’t deny it’s catchy. There was a period in 2004 where you couldn’t walk ten feet in Akihabara without hearing this melody wafting through the air, offering a slight (very slight) respite from the hateful Sato Musen and Sofmap jingles of death.

  • Michael Jackson

    Posted on June 26th, 2009 keving No comments

    360 :名無しさん@十周年:2009/06/26(金) 07:29:08 ID:ewvqKG6bP
    I don’t get any of this

    Someone explain it in Gundam terms

    386 :名無しさん@十周年:2009/06/26(金) 07:30:05 ID:Q9LxEgMI0
    Char dies in battle in Episode 1