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  • [I ♥ The PC Engine] Sengoku Mahjong

    Posted on June 18th, 2009 keving No comments

    3080Sengoku Mahjong

    Maker: Hudson
    Release Date: 7/4/88
    4900 yen
    HuCard (2 Mbit)
    Genre: Board
    PC Engine FAN Score: 21.16 / 30.00
    Kōgien: “Two modes are available — a simulation where you attempt to conquer Japan, and a basic mahjong game. Both modes are peppered with advice from Japan’s warlords which really bring out their personalities. A basic four-player mahjong game.”

    This is the PC Engine’s very first mahjong game. The genre didn’t really kick off until Nichibutsu and anime chicks hit the system in earnest, so this is a pretty basic one-player affair. The main gimmick: You play against generals and courtesans from Japan’s Sengoku era and use your consummate mahjong skills to unite Japan under a single banner.

    sengoku-mahjong-j-001 Sengoku Mahjong

    I don’t really know how to play mahjong much so there is little else to say, but at least the three soundtracks available are pretty catchy.

    Have you noticed, by the way, that Hudson had some damn avant-garde box art in this early era?

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