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  • Heavyweight Championship Boxing (Activision, 1990)

    Posted on June 17th, 2009 keving No comments

    Heavyweight Championship Boxing

    Just a little update today (been up since 3am), so you only get a little screenshot.

    Heavyweight Championship Boxing (called just Boxing ボクシング in Japan, where it was developed and released by Tonkin House) is a standard sort of 8-bit boxer in the style of Punch-Out!!. The main thing it adds is an overhead view when the fighters are maneuvering around the ring — the Punch-Out!! first-person view doesn’t kick in until you get close enough to your opponent. You’re also allowed a tiny little bit of customization with your fighter’s skills.

    Nicovideo account req’d. How to get one. Click that “…” word balloon on the bottom to turn off scrolly comments.

    I bring it up on Magweasel for two reasons: the adrenaline-laced in-game music, and the hilarious TAS linked to above. Did you know that midair combos were legal in boxing until at least 1990?