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  • Flicky (Sega, May 1984)

    Posted on June 8th, 2009 keving 2 comments

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    I’m just a weency bit too late for this, but Flicky turned 25 years old last month. (I am old.)

    To celebrate, here are the Game Area 51 folks with an all-but-flawless run through the game’s 48 distinct rounds. After this, the game starts over, with Round 49 a faster version of round 1 and so on. (Round 97 is a repeat of Round 49, and the game continues anon until the level counter flips past 255 and the game sticks you back in Round 1. If you get to this point, you are a Flickymaniac.)

    Flicky had many ports, the most accurate being the 1989 Mega Drive/Genesis version that had its roots in the Japan-only Game Library modem service. The bonus-round music was different between the arcade and MD versions for some reason, but both are catchy in their own way.

    You ever hear a tired local-market sportscaster say that a baseball player is “so good, he makes it look easy”? That’s what happens with this video. Game Area 51 makes Flicky look like it’s for children, but load it up, and you realize that the normal laws of physics and momentum have no place in the plucky blue sparrow’s confined world, and it takes herculean efforts to stop him with any accuracy. Try it.