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  • When living alone…

    Posted on May 22nd, 2009 keving 1 comment

    What is 2ch?

    Sometimes I’ll take humorous 2ch threads and translate them for laffs. This is the first in the series.

    Subject: Things you notice for the first time when living alone

    1 :774号室の住人さん :2008/07/30(水) 15:35:54 ID:nIOaO9tu
    You can’t do anything when you’re out of money
    You can’t stomach anything besides lowfat milk
    Cornflakes become your main sustenance

    4 :774号室の住人さん :2008/07/30(水) 19:33:52 ID:vp9ob/xf
    The amount of pubic hair you have

    16 :774号室の住人さん :2008/08/02(土) 06:10:31 ID:L2Ck6Ac3
    Sausage is a lot more expensive than you thought

    26 :774号室の住人さん :2008/09/09(火) 10:29:53 ID:q+fyD5+U
    Sit around like you do at home and the place gets filthy in the blink of an eye.

    Not cluttered, but filthy.
    It’s horrible in here besides where I sit

    8 :774号室の住人さん :2008/07/30(水) 22:29:53 ID:lUQE5MM6
    The toilet in your bathroom gets gross instantly

    with hair, and dust, and hair and things

    10 :774号室の住人さん :2008/07/30(水) 22:55:32 ID:zHdLU90B
    The Internet is God.

    13 :774号室の住人さん :2008/07/31(木) 11:25:13 ID:CMoI70I1
    The two weeks it took to get the net connected in here were torture. Seriously

    11 :774号室の住人さん :2008/07/30(水) 23:01:01 ID:D844wCRY
    You have to buy your own toilet paper

    17 :774号室の住人さん :2008/08/02(土) 07:30:46 ID:9sh96Bul
    You can jerk off as much as you want

    19 :774号室の住人さん :2008/08/02(土) 09:08:14 ID:k+QKKEPl
    The fact that I have no money management skills whatsoever.

    Not that I spend much anyway, so I don’t need them that much.

    Also, I am going to kill the neighbors next time they start screaming on their balcony.

    32 :774号室の住人さん :2008/09/12(金) 20:33:09 ID:/KxclMAf
    You can’t put a cold pack on your back

    36 :774号室の住人さん :2008/09/15(月) 00:56:12 ID:RpCbT+uA
    I come home at night and drinks have not magically appeared in my refrigerator

    37 :774号室の住人さん :2008/09/15(月) 15:05:14 ID:Ntajc7Qd
    Plastic bottles pile up a lot

    39 :774号室の住人さん :2008/09/15(月) 16:38:48 ID:QY9X74Tp
    I now realize how lazy my mom was with housework (-_-;)

    As long as you don’t leave things out all the time and keep cleaning a little each day, it really isn’t that hard…not even the garbage or the stove or the bath

    She couldn’t really help it because she’s a head nurse and she’s busy, but I’m doing the chores at my parents’ house from now on.

    53 :774号室の住人さん :2008/10/20(月) 01:56:06 ID:F8Rlnayz
    It’s incredibly quiet unless the TV is on

    56 :774号室の住人さん :2008/10/20(月) 20:45:23 ID:EI0SfAR7
    You start to put everything at arm’s length

    The first step toward the place becoming a pigsty.

    57 :774号室の住人さん :2008/10/25(土) 21:14:32 ID:J4mGsSJw
    I talk to myself more

    62 :774号室の住人さん :2008/11/16(日) 14:58:14 ID:pcRHXn+T
    When I get home from work, fix dinner, and wash the dishes, all the time is just gone

    71 :774号室の住人さん :2008/11/17(月) 20:17:07 ID:tppO3tdC
    When you use consumable items, they disappear.

    I don’t remember using that much detergent, but after a month and a half, it’s gone.

    72 :774号室の住人さん :2008/11/18(火) 03:40:25 ID:z7HBaGRj
    I spend a lot of time just doing life stuff.
    All I ever did before was sleep, work, and my hobbies.

    Still, I’ve noticed that it’s fun doing all the little things yourself. It gives you a little sense of achievement.

    73 :774号室の住人さん :2008/11/18(火) 05:50:23 ID:S0H37/A2
    Keeping plants alive is hard

    74 :774号室の住人さん :2008/11/18(火) 06:34:38 ID:KIaIwdde
    If I don’t do some things, then who will? I’m the only one who can do it.

    Which sounds like shonen manga, but I’m talking about dish washing

    75 :774号室の住人さん :2008/11/18(火) 18:42:32 ID:6J8/Sxsu
    I’m worried about how long it will take someone to notice when I die

    97 :774号室の住人さん :2008/11/24(月) 20:05:40 ID:FGetRFDv
    When you don’t have work or school to help you maintain your rhythm, day and night go opposite for you.

    130 :774号室の住人さん :2009/01/24(土) 12:46:57 ID:A2rFrGRf
    You can accomplish everything you really need with just one pot

    134 :774号室の住人さん :2009/02/04(水) 14:20:53 ID:DWCh65Qt
    The pain of actually cooking three meals per day


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    • Right now, as I wait at 6am to call the department of work at pensions at 9am about my jobseeker’s allowance, so many of these comments ring worryingly true to me, especially the ones about cornflakes mess and forgetting what day/time it is

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