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  • [I ♥ The PC Engine] Bikkuriman World

    Posted on May 18th, 2009 keving 3 comments

    0360Bikkuriman World

    Maker: Hudson
    Release Date: 10/30/87
    4500 yen
    HuCard (2 Mbit)
    Genre: Action
    PC Engine FAN Score: 19.76 / 30.00
    Kōgien: “An action game with RPG elements. The object is to defeat Black Zeus, the personification of evil waiting in the final level. A port of the arcade game Monster Land. The characters have been changed, but the content is largely the same.”

    Largely, a port of Wonder Boy in Monster Land with characters from the Bikkuriman series of anime, tradable stickers, and other bits of 80s merchandise shoehorned in. The retail price is the same as Shanghai, although that game’s half the ROM size.


    This is a remarkably faithful port of Westone’s original arcade game. Almost. There’s a trick in the arcade game where, if you flicked the joystick left and right on top of a point where money appeared, you’d sometimes be awarded with 68 gold, which made your shopping a remarkable deal easier. Apparently this was a bug, not a feature, ‘cos it’s removed here — and what’s more, the game seems to be stingier with money overall, so you’re pretty much always short unless you reconsider your shopping pattern fully.

    Other than that (and some cut-out animation and an extremely simplified ending), it’s a perfect port and not a terrible showcase piece for the PCE at the very beginning. A kind of obscure showpiece, but…

    US gamers, if they were introduced to Wonder Boy in Monster Land at all, got their intro through the Sega Master System port released in 1987. That version (along the computer ports Activision released in Europe) actually lacked a lot of the arcade game’s soundtrack, which is a shame ‘cos there’s a lot of good stuff in there. My favorite tune in Bikkuriman is the desert theme — one that got used in about half of the SMS port’s levels, but is far rarer in the original.

    Part 2

    Here’s a guy beating Bikkuriman World without dying or even using the life potion you start out with. Things start to get hairy starting midway through. I forgot that the game doesn’t even give you the chance to buy armor until Round 3.


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    • just finished the game

      i hate they changed the bosses to japanese characters due to copyright of Westone.
      Bikkuriman are just doesnt match the atmosphere the foes and the protagonist who uses western sword shield and ammor fight against dragons.
      why didnt them change all the characters to Bikkuriman or at least draw something else that match ”Dragon Quest” ? The last boss in this verson is just inconsistant to the start of the sequel.
      This great game is ruined in pce ver.
      and this shit ending is so shit! it has no ending at all, not even credits nor the end nor thanks for playing!

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