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  • Runark / Growl

    Posted on May 12th, 2009 keving No comments

    Nicovideo account req’d. How to get one. Click that “…” word balloon on the bottom to turn off scrolly comments.

    Runark (Growl outside of Japan) is the most ridiculous Double Dragon clone ever. It has a great deal of good ideas — throwing tons of enemies (probably over a thousand) at you, putting you in a variety of ever-changing situations, exhibiting a few neat subtle graphical touches.

    It’s all overshadowed by the fact that it’s the early 20th century and you’re an extremely unbalanced animal-rights activist who uses grenades and rocket launches to kill hundreds and hundreds of poachers (mainly newsies and girls in miniskirts), saving your beloved animals from their assault. Except for bats, because screw those bastards. The enemy also has clown-car-like tanks that can hold nine people at once. And so on. (Taito actually censored the dismemberment in the 2005 rerelease included with Taito Memories 1 on the PS2.)

    Game Area 51 is a group on Nico that posts videos of arcade games played really well. Not TASed, just really well. The above video shows them beating Runark in about 15 minutes without taking a single hit. It turns out the whip is the most powerful weapon in the game, the only one that lets you attack (a bit unnaturally) in two directions. Simon Belmont is super jealous.